January 31, 2015- Day 31

IMG_0346eSweet Slumber

Poor Karsyn has really been zapped by some raging ear infections.  I loved seeing her peacefully sleeping the afternoon away today, the light snore rising from her bed as she breathed through her stuffy little nose.  Feel better baby girl


January 30, 2015- Day 30

IMG_0335eThe Sickies

We’ve had strep run through the house and has taken these two as it’s latest victims.  Today they snuggled up for some cartoons after Donovan left for school.

January 26, 2015- Day 26

Today was a better day!  Maybe it was the adorable little cereal gobbler…

K cerealOr maybe it was the super hero’s who rescued me from a pile of laundry to have a little fun…

super herosOr quite possibly it was just the carefree catching of snowflakes on the run from the school bus.

runningAny way you shake it, it was a great day!

January 25, 2015- Day 25

I’ve been struggling the past few days to get anything captured worth posting.  I just don’t seem to have “the touch” lately!  The lack of natural light doesn’t help- I really need to work on my indoor/low lighting skills!  Nonetheless…  my little artists provided the inspiration I needed to feel re-energized and ready to try again tomorrow!




January 22, 2015- Day 22


The kids will really miss the empty lots behind us once more houses start to go in.  Even little Karsyn has taken a liking to exploring the winter treasures out there- icy spots with splashing puddles underneath, snow piles, and plenty of tall grass to weed through.  Today she spent time with her big brother Camden, keeping him company since his best bud was still inside sick. They both came in muddy and wet but full of smiles!