March 23, 2015- Day 81

Arrr Matey!  Everyone’s getting into the pirate spirit this afternoon

Cam pirate

Dono pirate

Karsyn tink


March 22, 2015- Day 80

Today we learned that Derek’s grandpa has gone home to the Lord.  He was a great man and I feel so privileged to have had him be a part of my life.  We all love you and will miss you Grandpa Grimm

K with G&G Grimm

boys with grimm


March 19, 2015- Day 77

Today the kids made their own breakfast! 

Donovan got us started with the spinach and milk in the blender

D milkThen into the bowl it went along with the dry mixings Camden and Karsyn added

donoCamden worked on cutting up strawberries while Karsyn stirred.

camDonovan helped with some strawberry slicing too!

D fruitHappy Breakfast!  Spinach pancakes with applesauce to dip and yummy strawberries to munch on


March 18, 2015- Day 76

Today C&D had a book fair at school.  I was able to go during their library time to help them select a few books to purchase.  So fun to see them shopping (separately) for the perfect books.  Donovan looked at EVERY book cover to cover to see if it was just the right book.  He spent a good 15 minutes picking the two books he really wanted.  Camden on the other hand chose his two books rather quickly after only looking at a few covers.  It was cute because he picked a Barbie book, that he was very excited about.  A few of his classmates said to him “you can’t get that, it’s a girls book!”- but he excitedly told them it was okay, he could get whatever he wanted.  Way to go little man!


March 2015

Well it happens… life takes over, the winter DRAGS on, and I got lazy about pulling my camera out.  It was so dark and gloomy out I just didn’t feel in the photography mood.  But it’s time to get back into it now that spring is around the corner.

Say Cheese


February 27, 2015- Day 28

Donovan brought home Cuddly Duddly from school for the weekend.  He is over the moon that he gets to keep him for 3 nights (because of the holiday Monday).  I don’t think life could get much better for him right now!  Oh, and have I mentioned these eyes?!!!